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A taste of Belgium at Hue festival A taste of Belgium at Hue festival
09:06 | 04/04/2012
HUE – Two Belgian artists will take part in the upcoming Hue festival, which is considered by many as the most important art festival in Viet Nam, starting this Sunday.

Singer Manou Gallo and composer Max Vandervorst are set to entertain the public with their original performances after being invited to participate by the Wallonie – Bruxelles delegation in Viet Nam.

"The Hue festival is one of the most important cultural events in Viet Nam. That's why the Wallonie-Bruxelles delegation is very honoured and happy to take part in this year's festival in order to promote cultural diversity and globalisation, as well as the respect of the countries and cultural traditions," says Franck Pezza, head of the Wallonie-Bruxelles delegation in Viet Nam.