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National park draws anglers to fisherman's paradise National park draws anglers to fisherman's paradise
08:47 | 06/04/2012
Every weekend, hundreds of people flock to U Minh Thuong National Park in the southern province of Kien Giang to go fishing for different kinds of fish far beyond their wildest dreams.

There is a long line of cars queuing up along the road that leads to the park, most of them from HCM City, 365km away.

For many people, fishing in this remote area is a way to escape from the bustle of city life and enjoy the primitive cajuput forest, where they are greeted by birdsong and chirping insects.

Proclaimed as a National Park in 2002, U Minh Thuong covers 22,918 hectares of freshwater wetlands, peat forest, seasonally inundated grasslands and swamps. The central zone of the park is surrounded by a canal and dyke system, creating an ideal environment for aquatic species.